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Aristotle Lantern


The product

(Published Sankthans 2020)

The sea urchin - more than a delicacy.

"Today the sun is turning and it will now be good for it to get dark again so that we can light the tea light and enjoy ourselves",
my dear uncle Bjørnar used to say at St. Hans' evening ❤️

During my swims - around Vestvågøya, I discovered the colorful and beautiful underwater fauna.
Here the idea was conceived. I wanted to make something decorative out of the sea urchins.
This resulted in a long process and meticulous work with a lot of trial and error. The many obstacles had to be overcome until the finished result:
tealights in a sea urchin.
The sea urchins are hand-picked from the sea, processed in several phases. They are different, in size, shape and colors.
The tealight holder of the sea urchin is a real and unique product. Suitable for decorating the dining table when serving dishes from the sea or as a real and original souvenir from Lofoten.
The product is fireproof.
Order through our website, and feel free to us!

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